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Pediatric Dentist Maui: Get Your Child Or Children Checked By One Of Our Dentists.
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Pediatric Dentist Maui.


Our paediatric dentists/orthodontists will see your child/children or kids today! Our children's dentists (dds) can help with their dentistry needs. Book their dental checkup today!


Every child at our pediatric dentistry will be provided with specialized treatment to help them develop and keep healthy habits. We also provide beautiful and healthy smiles. The pediatric specialist completed an additional residency that was primarily focused on children from 12 years old, including special needs. Children and their families will find our clinic fun and inviting.


For children and parents, going to the dentist is often scary. Your child's visit to the dentist should be as pleasant and comfortable as possible. Caregivers should feel at ease every step of their child's visit. We encourage caregivers to join them for any treatment.


We are a family-friendly practice that is kid-friendly. Each child is given the respect and care they deserve. Our office is warm and welcoming, and we can earn the trust of parents and patients one at a time.



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The First Visit of Your Child


We know that the first visit to a pediatric dental office is one of the most important and impactful for a child's life. This visit will be a significant part of our perceptions of the world.


As recommended by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, we encourage children to have their first visit to the dentist by 1. Children can keep their teeth clean by following the right approach.


Your child should have a pleasant first experience. Please avoid words and phrases that could make your child feel unnecessarily afraid. These words include: shot, drill, needle, sharp, and pull. The team has been professionally trained and can communicate the same message using words and actions that are not intimidating and simple for children to grasp.


Talking to your child's dentist is a good idea. This will help you discuss goals and answer any questions.




The conversation must be appropriate for the age group and should be as broad as possible. When the child visits the clinic, we will gladly answer any additional questions in a child-friendly manner. Parents should use positive language to encourage their children and make them feel excited about visiting us. We have strategies that we can discuss with parents on this topic and would be glad to give them to them.


Patients never enter our office. The pediatric dentist visits do not begin when they walk in the door. This is too much for children. Because children are curious, we are taught to answer any questions. The more they ask, the better their knowledge and the less likely that they will fear the dentist, We encourage parents to talk with their kids at home about what they want before taking them to the dentist.


A child with a positive first visit to the dentist will continue visiting them for many years, leading to great dental health. However, it is possible that if they don't have a good memory, then there will be years of struggle. We have found that many people don't visit the dentist as often as they used to because of a childhood experience.




Dental exams and cleanings should be done at least twice per year. Our dentistry can take a more conservative approach and try to prevent cavities from developing. This makes it easier to develop healthy habits.


You'll be able to schedule another appointment if your child has healthy teeth. Your dentist can make recommendations or help schedule follow-up appointments if something is found.


Parents can start children on proper oral hygiene by using a soft toothbrush and water to clean their gums. This way, parents can make sure that their children don't get infected with oral bacteria.


Children don't usually learn how to brush their teeth effectively until age 7 or when they can sweep the floor cleanly without having to miss any spots. Helping your child brush their teeth is a great way to practice.

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Do you need a pediatric dentist?


An infant's first tooth can be examined by a pediatric dentist. This is a safe and non-invasive procedure. A pediatric dentist is essential to make sure that baby teeth are properly shaped.


At what age can children have their teeth cleaned?

A first visit to the dentist is recommended for children under 12 months old or 6 months after the first tooth was placed. A typical first appointment lasts between 30 and 45 minutes. The visit will vary depending on the age of your child. It may involve a complete exam of the mouth, teeth, jaws, and bite.


What is the cost of a pediatric dentist cleaning? estimates that the average child's dental checkup costs between $65 and $100, even if they don't have insurance. A dental exam should be done twice per year for children. A family of 2 children will need to have a dental checkup twice a year. This is $82.50 per child multiplied by 2 children = $330 annually.


How do pediatric dentists clean teeth?

An average child's dentist cleaning; The staff will review the patient's medical history, then take X-rays of their mouth. The next step is to clean the teeth of plaque and other debris. Then, an ultrasonic tool is used to clean all surfaces of each tooth.


What are the main issues with pediatric dentistry?

Children are very susceptible to tooth decay. Tooth decay is very common among children. If it continues after permanent teeth are developed, thumb-sucking should not be a concern. Gingivitis is a condition that causes inflammation and can lead to tooth loss or bone damage.


What is the minimum time a child should visit a pediatric dentist for?

A pediatric dentist usually sees children between the ages of six months and their last adult teeth. A child's adult teeth will develop until the age of 12-13 years. Parents often opt for their kids to continue seeing a pediatric dentist well into adulthood. 

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It was an enjoyable experience. I felt valued and cared about my dental health. This equipment allows for the highest quality care. All staff is friendly and very helpful


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