Emergency Dentist Maui: HI Urgent Dentistry Emergencies. Call Now, 2022


Emergency Dentist Maui

Are you looking for an urgent Maui emergency dentist appointment? When no one else is able, we can help you get to a qualified dentist (dds).


Orthodontic emergencies can happen, and we'll do our best for you to get help as soon as possible. We can help you, no matter if it's a simple filling of a damaged tooth or more complicated procedures. Our answering service can forward any message you send to us, even if the office is closed.


Our dentistry office is able to provide an emergency service beyond regular hours. There may be an additional fee for after-hours service depending on when the office closes or what time it is. If you are experiencing dental problems, you can see your dentist. We can help you if your dentist is not available or if you have urgent dental needs. We won't talk to you and confuse with dental jargon or terms, we get straight to the point.


Locate 24/7 near you IMMEDIATELY.


If you are on vacation and need an after hours dentist in Maui, we can help. There are many things you could experience here, including broken or cracked teeth and the need for wisdom teeth to be pulled. If you have a need for a dentist Maui emergency on Saturday, our referral hotline and portal can help ensure that your family receives the best possible care. Many visitors can get very excited about this vacationer's paradise of beautiful beaches and craters. However, the rough waters and steep cliffs could cause some dental injuries.


It is not easy to realize that someone you love or a member of your traveling party needs help. You could feel a sharp pain or the sensation of a loose tooth from surfing, and think it is an emergency. You don't have to suffer in pain in your hotel room. Instead, you can be talking with a qualified specialist and get a diagnosis right away. Find a weekend dentist to help you enjoy your trip to the best spots of the globe. It will be quick and easy to get your recovery underway.


Common Emergencies:


A broken or knocked-out tooth can lead to its death within 15-30 minutes. It is crucial to visit a dentist immediately. Here are some tips that may help in the event of a dentistry emergency. These can make all the difference between saving or losing a tooth.


You can break your tooth by rinsing it with warm water. Then, apply cold pressure to the area. See a dentist immediately. Be sure to bring the tooth that has been broken if you are able.


A toothache caused by food stuck between teeth: The toothache usually doesn't originate from the tooth. Most likely, your child got something between their teeth. This is a common problem that's either fortunately or unfortunately more frequent than you might think. It's also easier to treat this kind of toothache. Your child can rinse the area with a glass of water. The more you scrub, the better. Your child will feel much better once you have cleared away the trash. You might need to take some extra effort in order to get rid of certain things. You might use floss to remove any debris until it disappears.


Sensitive teeth: There are some people who react more strongly to stimuli than others. It is usually self-inflicted. The majority of tooth sensitivity is caused by root or dentin exposure, which can be mainly because there has been a gum recession. Use a toothbrush with soft bristles to treat sensitive teeth if this is your child's problem. It might be time for your dentist to see if their tooth pain persists.


If you have a Maui dental emergency, contact us now!




Is it possible to go to the ER for a broken tooth?


You should seek emergency room treatment if the pain becomes unbearable or spreads along your neck and jaw. You should go to an emergency room if your mouth continues to bleed and has not stopped.


What is a severe toothache?


An abscessed tooth is a toothache that persists and becomes more severe. An emergency dentist should be consulted if the pain becomes so severe that no over-the-counter remedies are able to relieve it.


What constitutes a dental emergency?


Any dental emergency that requires immediate attention to treat bleeding, severe pain, or save a tooth can be considered an emergency. Severe infections can also be considered emergencies, as they could prove to be fatal. You may have a serious dental emergency if you experience any of the above symptoms.




“For an urgent visit to treat an infected tooth, I came in. They were very kind and helpful. The staff did all they could to make me feel comfortable again. They numbed and sedated me for my extraction. The procedure was very quick and painless. We are grateful.”


“Thursday evening, I broke a tooth. There are not many options for Saturday dental care. Everyone treated me with respect, compassion, and professionalism from the time I called until the time that I left. I will definitely return! Thank you!”